SEC Newgate at PRovoke EMEA Summit and SABRE Awards 2023

March 29, 2023

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SEC Newgate Global Team

PRovoke decides to bring together PR experts and professionals for an in-person event after a long break due to the pandemic, and SEC Newgate is there to answer the call

Frankfurt am Main, March 23 – PRovoke Media gathered advisors and in-house professionals of the PR and communications industry for its annual EMEA Summit in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) for its first European-mainland event after the outbreak of the pandemic.

SEC Newgate promoted a panel, moderated by Maja Pawinska Sims (Associate Editor, Provoke Media), featured Maurizio Maione (Group Chief of Staff, SEC Newgate Group), Marie De Cordier (Director of Government relations and Public policy, Nielsen Europe) and Gregor Wills (Head of PR and Communications, Allianz X) and discussed how uncertainty and conflictive scenarios shaped the role of corporate advisors who need to improve their ability to decrypt a new paradigm for the sake of their clients.

The panel discussion revolved around how to engage stakeholders turning them into corporate advocates and how to develop professional PR talent, how the industry should pair global vision with local sensitivity, as well as the importance of safe data to make and advise sound decision-making.

Maurizio Maione states “When it becomes clear complexity and uncertainty are turning into a new normal paradigm, as PR professionals we need to assume our own responsibilities in order to consistently provide the advice companies are strongly demanding. This means we need to improve our skills, especially as far as insight and research are concerned, and this also drives us towards the necessity to find a more varied set of skills in the talent we are recruiting

The evening SABRE awards gala was even jollier thanks to the celebration of Group CEO Fiorenzo Tagliabue, who was awarded the Outstanding Individual Achievement SABRE award for his successful nurturing of a mid-sized independent business into a global corporate and public affairs firm, in just a decade.

Upon receiving the award from Paul Holmes (Founder and Chair, Provoke Media), Fiorenzo Tagliabue dedicated and shared the recognition with all the Group: “This award, it goes beyond saying, has to be credited to the merit of the incredible team we packed together in this journey – from the senior management to the young talent.”