Group CEO Fiorenzo Tagliabue to receive Individual Achievement SABRE award

March 14, 2023

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SEC Newgate Global Team

PRovoke announced one of the 3 Outstanding Individual Achievement Sabre awards will go to SEC Newgate Group CEO Fiorenzo Tagliabue on successfully boosting a mid sized independent business to one of the top 25 global PR firm.

“A decade ago, Fiorenzo Tagliabue was the chief executive of SEC Relazioni Pubbliche e Istituzionali, a specialist in corporate and public affairs that was one of Italy’s most prominent independent agencies but otherwise essentially just one of dozens of domestically-focused midsize independents dotted throughout the continent.

But over the past 10 years, that firm has transformed itself into SEC Newgate, one of the 25 largest public relations agencies in the world, with a footprint that includes corporate, financial and public affairs firms in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America and Latin America — one of a handful of European firms threatening to disrupt global public relations order.

His achievement in building such a global powerhouse is what makes him a recipient of our 2023 SABRE Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement, which will be presented during our annual awards ceremony in Frankfurt, Germany, on March 23. […]” (abstract, to read the full article by from PRovoke Media’s Founder and Chair Paul Holmes, click here)

Fiorenzo Tagliabue commented on the news: “This award celebrates 10 years of a vision that I imagined but that owns so much to all our coworkers for their commitment, focus and ability to shape and ground that idea into a successful organisation and a different business model. Very well deserved to all of you