Tanja Schüle

Managing Director


Tanja is a seasoned communications specialist with over 25 years of experience in corporate and public affairs. Having held leadership positions at international firms such as Coca-Cola Germany and REWE Group, she possesses extensive expertise in addressing the needs of global clients and managing comprehensive stakeholder campaigns.

Her specialization lies in political campaigning on critical corporate and industry issues. Tanja has built extensive networks in the German political and media sectors, covering a wide array of fields such as the technology, sustainability, social affairs, health, food, retail, and consumer protection. Her range of skills includes strategic communication, stakeholder management, change and crisis communication, media relations, and the development of industry alliances and association management.

On the corporate side, Tanja worked for various international clients such as Weight Watchers, Adobe, Podigee, Edwards, Merck, Action Discounter, Transdev, and Hager Group. On the public side, she worked for the European Commission DG Sanco and DG Employment, as well as for German federal ministries and their respective authorities