Mateo Mora

He holds a bachelor of International Business from Westminster Business School, London. Throughout his professional career, he worked as a media assistant at the Media Planning Group in London, coordinating the Orange account at a pan-European level.
In Spain, he worked in the media planning and buying area at Arena Media Communications and the Media Planning Group, developing media and communication strategies for clients such as Nike, Grupo VAESA (Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Audi) and Yves Saint Laurent. In addition, he directed the Catalonia region for NeoMedia, carrying out commercial and marketing tasks to attract and develop actions aimed at the main advertisers in the country, where he worked for clients such as Peugeot, Vodafone, Opel, among others.
Later, in Colombia, he was linked to the Canadian company Eco Oro Minerals Corp. as director of communications, managing its internal and external direction. He has been linked to SecLatam for more than four years as director of the Brand PR practice and has been involved in managing high-level events such as the II IDB Pyramid Base Forum, XIII IDB – Civil Society Meeting, among others.