Maaike  Van Hooidonk


My expertise and focus is mainly public affairs and stakeholder management. I have ample experience with the lobby in The Hague, but also with advocacy at regional and local levels. I like to switch between strategic choices, contemporary issues that arise and hands-on support. I am passionate and work side-by-side with my clients throughout the process. I am also passionate about intelligence questions, data driven public affairs and the development of IT tools for ambitious public affairs professionals. For example, together with colleague Mark van den Anker I developed our successful Stakeholder Intelligence Monitor (SIM) and I bear the responsibility for the further development and growth of the SIM. Representing Wepublic, I am also involved in our international Interel network.
Previously, I worked as a public affairs advisor at Schiphol Group and as a consultant at Berenschot and EPPA Politiek & Lobby Consultants. I have also been working for the VVD for years, at both local and national level.
In my spare time I enjoy sports (running, crossfit, strength training), surfing, reading and dinners and drinks with family and friends. I can cook quite nicely and I also really enjoy eating out. I have two daughters with whom I like to go out to museums and theaters or explore the outdoors.