2024: The Election Year

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Hope, Guts and Pride: a new Dutch coalition

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Room for Improvement: Germany's Voter Mobilization in the EU Election Campaign

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Poll mandate expected to give further impetus to the India growth story

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Charting North Macedonia’s Elective Narrative

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Seismic Signals: Germany's EU Ballots as a Predictor for 2024's State Elections


From mediator to maverick: the Dutch position in the EU

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Spain: a hot spring of electoral renewal

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How Portugal’s far-right shift will influence the European political landscape

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European elections in France: the stakes of a high-risk vote

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European Parliament elections must wait. Poland focuses on local elections

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Italy's Strategic Planning for the EU Elections

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Continuity and Growth: A Look at One of the World’s Largest Elections


The Netherlands: Right-Wing Majority Emerges, Coalition Puzzle Begins