Gaëtan Commault



Gaëtan joined and participated in the creation of CLAI in 2009.
He has since supported numerous companies and institutions in their change communications (AstraZeneca, Hersant Media Group), their internal communications (Delsey), their training for crisis communications (Air Liquide, IdKids) and their institutional communications (Anssi). He has also conducted more than 40 reorganization and restructuring missions.
Furthermore, Gaëtan trains directors and managers for their speeches and interviews in the media.
Gaëtan previously worked 3 years at Publicis Consultants, initially in new business development, then on issues of change communications (GDF Suez, Lorraine Region), restructuring (Thomson) and corporate press relations (Carrefour Group).
Gaëtan got a Master’s degree in Information Communications Sciences and a Master’s degree in Information and Organizational Communications.