Erin Billing

Erin has built her career in communications, first as a state and national political journalist, and later as a strategic communications consultant for corporations, trade associations, non-profits and everything in between. And while she no longer trolls the halls of the US Congress looking for a scoop, she still has journalism in her veins, helping clients navigate the often-challenging and ever-evolving media landscape.
A Washingtonian who proudly boasts of her Montana ties, Erin is well-networked and understands that what works inside the Beltway doesn’t necessarily work elsewhere. Erin thrives under pressure, embraces tight deadlines, and takes on every client challenge as if it were her own. At GSG, Erin specializes in crisis communications, media relations and outreach, brand and profile enhancement, and storytelling.
When she’s not crisis communicating, you can find Erin testing out the latest fitness craze in DC or planning her next trip across the pond.