Nina Dowell

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Nina is the COO/CFO of SEC Newgate UK, and supports the entire client-facing team by running the agency’s back office both tightly and professionally.
She joined the agency Redleaf Communications (since rebranded to SEC Newgate UK) in December 2010, following Redleaf’s acquisition of Polhill, where she had been CFO since October 1999.
Admired for her team spirit and good humour as much as her determination and her negotiation skills, Nina covers areas such as HR, accounts, IT and facilities and consistently inspires the confidence of clients, colleagues and suppliers.
She is a CIMA-qualified graduate of the University of Central England, where she specialised in Financial & Management Accounting, is fluent in Hindi, Gujarati and Urdu (both spoken and written), and studied Welsh at school.
Mother to a set of triplets, Nina is married to a former professional ice-hockey player from the US and is an avid sports fan, with Manchester United being especially close to her heart.