Emilie de Chezelles

Associate director

Emilie joined CLAI in 2013 and is now Associate Director.
She conducts missions in corporate communications, media relations, sensitive and crisis communications, and influence strategy. Her clients are, among others: the FGDR (supporting the rise in visibility of this institution responsible for protecting bank deposits), the MAIF (diversifying the group’s media footprint in support of its strategic plan, by further highlighting its uniqueness), Cipav (supporting the pension fund for liberal professionals in its media and digital communication, in a context of pension reform), l’Alliance du Commerce (to defend downtown shops interests with the public authorities and the media), DomusVi (to protect the reputation of the 3rd largest French player in the field of services for seniors), Würth (to redesign the brand platform of a leading group of tools and industrial hardware, and to produce a brand book).
Previously, Emilie worked 5 years at Tilder, a corporate communications consulting firm, and one year at the Alcatel-Lucent Communications and Sustainable Development Department.
She graduated from Sciences Politique in Paris and studied for one year at Tufts University in Boston (USA).